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Unlike portrayals on Television, we do not destroy part of your home to control a pest.  We use a common sense approach with the least invasive control measure as our first choice. 
We use Hav-A-Hart traps when controlling nuisance wildlife.  Our goal is not to harm the animal, rather handle the animal as humanely as possible in a manner safe for the animal and our technicians.
Raccoons can be vicious, especially so when it's a mother with her young.  Never try to catch a raccoon without the proper equipment.   Opossum is more docile, yet will defend itself when threatened.  We do not recommend handling these animals by hand. Can you even imagine trying to catch and remove a skunk without proper equipment? 

Moles, voles, chipmunks, groundhogs or rodents are the reason your ground is sinking beneath your feet.  They will DESTROY your lawn and possibly cause injury to you or your family. We do not use spring loaded TRAPS that can be activated by accident, we bait to eliminate.  Technique depends on targeted pest.
Pest Management is an ever evolving field with new products and techniques readily available.   Our office is staffed with actual licensed applicators and is able to help solve problems many times without even making an appointment.  Call us whenever you have a pest problem, we're here to assist.
Termites cause more damage annually than fire and wind storms combined!
Home owners insurance does not cover termite damage!
Prevention and early detection are your best defenses against termite damage!!!
There is no insurance coverage for Termites.

Our current treatment methods can be installed before you have an infestation with treatment beginning on the day of installation!  You no longer have to wait for damage to treat your home.
This tiny creature along with potentially millions of relatives can cause serious damage to your home.  Knowing this fact and the fact there is no "Termite Insurance" can help you reach an informed decision regarding the protection of your home. 
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