Pest problems begin on the outside.   Fleas and other pests can travel inside on clothing and quickly infest your living areas.

Termites are responsible for more damage annually than natural disasters like hail, rain, windstorms or fire.  Your home or business are a major investment , as such, are worthy of maintenance and inspections on a regular ongoing basis.   

Keeping your home pest free requires a combination of good sanitation and application of appropriate products as needed. 

Our goal is to use our products in the safest, most effective manner to achieve maximum control.  We treat your home or business like we treat our own, with care.

More Than just Pest Control

Nuisance wildlife trapping

is your home at one with nature? let us help.

flowers and edible plants

Flowers and edible plants make your home or business more attractive.  We use caution when applying products in the landscape.

Protect your most valuable asset with inspection and service for all types of pests including termites.

Pests and Landscapes

AAA Pest Management

If you want an appointment with or informaton from a licensed pest control specialist, contact us.

Turf and ornamental pest control

The landscaping of your home and business has an effect on whether pests can enter your building.   We can assess your situation and suggest changes if needed.

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​Moles damage your lawn but can also present a real danger with softened ground and unstable footing.  Raccoon and opossum may carry rabies and harm small pets.

We have solutions to all your pest control needs from ants to wildlife and everything between, we also offer repairs and cleaning services.

AAA Pest Management for the Best control of pests. Call us from 63026,63025, 63011, 63021, 63017, 63005, 63040, 63010, 63119, 63122, 63131, 63132, 63146, 63141, 63069, 63028, Fenton, Affton, Kirkwood, ants, termites, bugs and pests of all kinds. Call us for weed control, mole and vole control, we trap nuisance wildlife. we control pests without becoming a pest.